1 September, 2021
"BIOIMAGING - Imbunatatirea tehnicilor de imagistica cu raze X
neconventionale pentru investigarea efectelor iradierii tesuturilor
biologice cu doze de radiatii gama monitorizate".
25 August, 2020
EU HORIZON 2020 - MARIE CURIE program grant awarded for 48 month PROJECT ‘XCTING’ with title "Enabling X-ray CT based Industry 4.0 process chains by training Next Generation research experts", our company being part of the project consortium as partner organization.
16 March, 2020
Accent Pro 2000 S.R.L. (AP2K) is proud to announce that has signed a
know-how transfer contract with Integrity NDT -Turkey for delivering the
technologies and manufacturing design for ceramic ballistic plates in-line
Non-Destructive Control machine that will be further manufactured in Turkey.
According with the contract, AP2K will offer also technical consultancy to
Integrity NDT for the new product integration and further developments.
15 December, 2019
Monday17th–Friday 21st February 2020
CAPITOL HOTEL, Bucharest, ROMANIA; Tel:+40213158030
Organized by partner:ACCENT PRO 2000 S.R.L. (shortly AP2K);; phone: (+4)0314380154
Registration deadline:10th January 2020
AP2K contact persons:
-Mihai IOVEA:, mobile: (+4)0745182660
-Mihaela, mobile: (+4)0745182660
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1 November, 2019
Accent Pro 2000 succesfully delivered and installed X-Shaper equipment - Laser & X-Ray Scanner designed for ballistic plates in-line control developed in colabotration with NUROL Teknoloji A.S. (Turkey).