Brief Introduction...

ACCENT PRO 2000 (AP2K), registered by Dr Mihai IOVEA in year 2000, is a private Romanian company with expertise in Research and Development activities in the field of Industrial X-ray Imaging , NDT and High-tech equipments.  We continuously improve our offer in solving new R&D projects, building prototypes for manufacturing companies and answering to niche market demands.

Having strong experience in Design and Implementation of new X-ray imaging techniques, our main objective is to develop fast innovative product Prototypes for NDT and Security applications, such as luggage X-Ray scanners and tomographs, advanced digital radiography and tomography sistems for industrial applications, material analysis/identification for various domains.

In this regard, during the last more than 21 years of activity we were involved in numerous European and National R&D projects, developing a significant number of prototypes, techniques and services together with our national and international project partners and customers.