Since July 2000, our company aims to continuously improve its scientific and technical skills for gaining R&D national and international projects, for creating innovative product prototypes, technologies and services in the field of X-Ray Imaging for Security and NDT, to facilitate its access onto national and international markets.

     Also ACCENT PRO 2000 s.r.l. is looking forward to:

  • Offering high-quality customer-designed Products and Services
    Our main objective is to satisfy the markets needs by offering innovative or improved customer-designed products for Industry and Security. We aim to develop more efficient and reliable systems and techniques that will improve industrial production and diminish errors, defects and costs in production on the one side, and to increase passengers' security and comfort at airports by creating new, less invasive scanning systems for luggage control to lower the level of threats, on the other side.
  • New project partnerships for public funded R&D projects accession
    Having a considerable experience in R&D projects management and public fund accesion, as well as in developing direct partnerships in order to make the best use of our know-how, we seek to develop new project partnerships in our domains of expertise.
  • Increased productivity by micro-production activities for its developed products
    We look for constant development of our company by trying to extend our basic R&D activity to a more applied one, with concrete results, such as valid, functional product prototypes that can be produced in series with appropriate costs and maximum efficiency.
  • Quality improvement of the obtained processes
    AP2K is persistent in its techniques improvement activity by a continuous technical and scientifical investigation with the help of its Research team.
  • New or advanced services, technologies and materials purchase
    We wish to benefit by the newest, most effective technologies and materials in order to be able to provide the top-best solutions adapted to end-users needs.
  • Encouraging the R&D academic environment development
    AP2K is supporting both the future and newly-formed researchers by offering them the proper environment to learn, work and apply their knowlege in a nourishing backgound.


We provide high quality inovative products and outstanding service to our parteners and customers.