AP2K activates in the development of fast prototypes or niche products specially designed for Non-Destructive Testing and Security applications domain, such as: X-Ray Imaging scanners and tomographs techniques, high-tech product deisgn and developing, dedicated hardware and Software equipments for niche industrial products and also in data analysis, reconstruction, correction and visualisation algorithms, etc .

Since 2001, the company is involved, through several partnerships with both internal and external collaborators, in a wide range of scientific and technical activities, such as:

  • X and Gamma Ray Tomography and Radioscopy Imaging for Security and NDT
  • High-tech Equipment Prototypes and Software development for industry, security and R&D purpose
  • Dual/multi-energy, scattering, diffraction techniques for materials identification in Tomography and Radioscopy for Security and Food Control
  • High-accuracy local density measurement for defects evaluation in NDT
  • Non-Destructive inspection of OLED displays and Thin films by high-resolution X-ray technique
  • Non-Destructive inspection Green and Sintered parts in real-time by an X-ray conveyor-based sistem
  • Non-Destructive inspection of PCB's and IC's for counterfeit components fast detection
  • Development of X-ray NDT system for mechanical parts in Aerospace Industry
  • FP7 and National R&D Projects management
  • Dual-energy X-ray Flat Panel detector for NDT and security application
  • Consulting for new high-tech business and investment development in Romania

List of selected published and presented scientific papers

Company R&D activities Accreditation by Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research


Looking Towards the Future

Since November 2013 ACCENT PRO 2000 (AP2K) is one of the Măgurele High Tech Cluster – MHTC founders, a Romanian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) meant to develop new partnerships with local authorities, National or International R&D institutions or with other Clusters for general purposes like increasing the competitiveness of Romanian companies (thus providing sustainable development principles) by creating technological transfer between R&D and Business environment on one side and for the growth of companies’ R&D and Innovation capacities, on the other side.

The specific objectives of the MHTC association are:

A. Cooperation between Research, Development and Innovation institutions and business environment through joint projects;
B. Facilitating access to research results applied on the Măgurele City Physics Platform and other members of the Association;
C. Using opportunities of existing research potential, including applied research, as well as the one created by ELI-NP project;
D. Attracting European, international, national and local funds, complementing contributions from association members on projects of common interest;
E. Simplifying technological transfer processes and strengthening a constructive environment for sustainable business environment;
F. Development of Association’s activity by creating a scientific, industrial and technological park, in Măgurele City;
G. Conducting training and professional development activities.

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