X-Shaper dedicated non-destructive equipment for ballistic plates in-line control

Private funded projects
February, 2018 to August, 2019

X-Shaper Laser & X-Ray Scanner produced by Accent Pro 2000 is designed for ballistic plates in-line control by scanning them in two stages: laser scan and x-ray scan.

The analyzed object is transported by conveyors through a laser beam scanning system, the image being taken over by dedicated video cameras, and after it is scanned using a system that includes an X-ray generator and detectors suitable for this purpose.


Data obtained in this way is processed and analyzed using software applications, obtaining information about size, density and internal structure, allowing automanic identification of possible manufacturing defects.


X-Shaper Laser Scan system consists of 2 surface scanners assemblies, each one using of a linear laser beam and a high definition camera.
The assemblies are posted symmetrically, one on below the scanned object and one under the scanned object.
The data analyze software provides accurate measurements of the product parameters: local thickness, length, width, volume and density.

Max length 500mm
Max width 400mm
Scan duration 10 sec
Thickness rezolution 60 microns
Average density precision 1%


The X-Ray Scan system uses a system of 2 X-Ray high definition detectors, each one providing data regarding different zones of the scanned object.
The application performs complex data processing for enhancing images and automatic detection and measurement of defects inside the object.

X-ray source AION 160kV X-Ray generator
Focal spot 1,2 mm
Total filtration 0,852 mm Al
Scan duration 20 sec


Partners list: 
NUROL Teknoloji A.S. (Turkey)