Private funded projects

Period: Apr 2020 to Apr 2023
Coordinator: ACCENT PRO 2000 S.R.L. (Dr. Mihai IOVEA)
X-CAP project’s goal is the design and implementation of a complex installation of non-destructive high-resolution X-ray automated inspection, intended for installation in factories production lines of drug capsules, blisters and other plastic, organic or thin metalic small parts.
The samples are scanned using a low energy X-Ray source and a high resolution (60 microns) Time Delay Integration (TDI) detection system.
Period: Feb 2020
Accent Pro 2000 S.R.L. (AP2K) is proud to announce that has signed a
know-how transfer contract with Integrity NDT -Turkey for delivering the
technologies and manufacturing design for ceramic ballistic plates in-line
Non-Destructive Control machine that will be further manufactured in Turkey.
According with the contract, AP2K will offer also technical consultancy to
Period: Feb 2018 to Aug 2019

X-Shaper Laser & X-Ray Scanner produced by Accent Pro 2000 is designed for ballistic plates in-line control by scanning them in two stages: laser scan and x-ray scan.

The analyzed object is transported by conveyors through a laser beam scanning system, the image being taken over by dedicated video cameras, and after it is scanned using a system that includes an X-ray generator and detectors suitable for this purpose.

Period: Jan 2009 to Dec 2010
R&D private contract with: MBTelecom S.A. Romania
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2007 to Dec 2007
The R&D Consulting Contract for providing technical solutions for 3D Catheter localization during stem cell cardiac injection R&D private contract with: Silverpoint Therapeutics, LLC -USA
Project duration: 2007
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2006 to Dec 2008
The design and manufacturing of X-Ray Radioscopy/Tomography equipment improvements for Public Power Corporation Athens, Greece. R&D private contract with: ENIA S.A - Greece
Project duration: 2 years
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2005 to Dec 2005
Design and manufacturing of Low-Noise Transimpedance preamplifier samples for NSTX Tokamak soft X-ray detectors used in plasma diagnosis R&D private contract with: The Johns Hopkins University- Baltimore USA
Project duration: 2005
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2002 to Dec 2004
Feasibility study and laboratory X-Ray dual-energy Tomograph design and development for luggage control R&D private contract with: Gilardoni S.p.A
Project duration: 2002-2004
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail: