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Period: Jan 2006 to Dec 2007
Studies and preliminary experiments for portable, automate and fast system for dangerous materials identification from baggage, parcels or other suspected objects by X-ray Radioscopy and Tomography using dual-energy technique acronym TOMORAY Project number: S-001
R&D Programme: PNCD Security
Project duration: 2006-2007
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA, e-mail:
Period: Jan 2005 to Dec 2007
Coordinator: University of Bucharest - Faculty of Physics (Prof.Dr. Octavian DULIU)
Dual-energy X-Ray Tomography applied to marine and deltaic geology for obtaining, in situ and in laboratory, new data about geological samples density and chemical compositions. Project number: 625 /03.10.2005
R&D Programme: CEEX - MENER
Project duration: 2005-2007
Project manager: Prof.Dr. Octavian DULIU; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2005 to Dec 2005
Design and manufacturing of Low-Noise Transimpedance preamplifier samples for NSTX Tokamak soft X-ray detectors used in plasma diagnosis R&D private contract with: The Johns Hopkins University- Baltimore USA
Project duration: 2005
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail:
Period: Jan 2004 to Dec 2006
Coordinator: Upper Austrian Research GmbH (RTD)
Project number: COOP-CT-2003-507825
R&D Programme: FP 6 CRAFT
Project duration: 2004-2006
Project coordinator: Upper Austrian Research GmbH -AUSTRIA.
Project manager: Dr. David STIFTER
Web Page:
Period: Jan 2002 to Dec 2004
Feasibility study and laboratory X-Ray dual-energy Tomograph design and development for luggage control R&D private contract with: Gilardoni S.p.A
Project duration: 2002-2004
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA; e-mail: