1 November, 2017
The PhD student will be part of our Research and Development team in the field of "2D &3D X-ray multimodal X-ray imaging for investigation of threats detection for security applications", especially in advanced baggage scanner techniques. The main goal is to analyze and optimize, by simulations and experiments, the materials identification methods based on various X-ray imaging techniques, such as: dual-energy, multi-energy and diffractions, using different scanning techniques that... read more
1 September, 2017
13 June, 2017
Third place in Top Profit Romania Microcompanies - SECTORUL 3 city, activity 72: Scientific research and development.
12 November, 2015
Asociatia ELI-NP Cluster Inovativ cu sediul in Orasul Magurele, Str. Atomistilor nr.409 Judetul Ilfov, a derulatin intervalul 14.05.2014 - 14.11.2015 proiectul MAGURELE HIGH TECH CLUSTER (MHTC)in baza contractului de finantare nr. 1CLT 800.010 incheiat cu Ministerul Fondurilor Europene desemnat ca Autoritate de Management pentru Programul Operational Cresterea Competitivitatii Economice. Valoarea totala a proiectului:901 200 lei din care asistenta financiara nerambursabila: 892 200 lei.... read more