Participation in research Romanian TIB Shop 2014

Accent Pro 2000 was participated at TIB- Bucharest International Technical Fair, an emblematic trade fair for ROMEXPO, between 15 and 18 of October.

At this fair Accent Pro 2000 had a booth where presented a number of several exhibits:

          - a working prototype  detector DUALTOMO- a dual-energy X-ray Radioscopy system dedicated for the use within antitero interventions for the fast identification of the content of the suspect luggage and packages and also for NDT industrial applications;

          - poster of the  project PlastronicsSpec:  Development of an automated digital radiography system for the inspection of plastic electronics;

          - poster of the  project  AutoInspect: Automated inspection for sintered parts by non-destructive technique for improved quality in production;

          - poster of the  project  DUALTOMO : The design and development of high-resolution dual-energy X-ray Digital Radioscopy mobile and autonomous system destined for fast identification of the explosive materials during the antitero interventions and also for NDT industrial applications;

        - presentation of  X-ray images on a display of PC from the projects PlastronicsSpec, AutoInspect, DUALTOMO  and others;

           - poster of the  presentation of projects research and development made by our company;

Among the exhibitors there were institutes from Magurele: IFIN-HH, INOE, INFLPR, INFP, from Bucharest: ROSA, ICECHIM, IMT and from the country, but also joined and  successful SMEs.

25 Oct 2014