Multi and Dual-energy

Dual Energy

Fast identification of threatening materials by X-ray dual-energy Radioscopy and Tomography is widely used in security measures.

We have succeed in developing data analysis algorithms that can precisely identify materials in Radioscopy and Tomography using dual-energy techniques.


The dual-energy method - which could be successfully applied in Digital radiography (radioscopy) and also inTomography - is based on measurements of radiation attenuation coefficients acquired at two different X or Gamma rays energies from which, by means of a specialized and dedicated algorithm, could be computed the Atomic effective number (Zeff) and the Density (ρ) of the scanned objects. The method has large application in baggage control screening, food control, medicine (bone densitometry and mammography), minerals and drilling cores analysis, etc., domains where a specific material should be identified, a small variation should be detected or a better image contrast is required.